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Sensors and methods development for predictive diagnostic on packaging automatic machines
SMEDIP is an industrial research project presented by MIST E-R and approved by "Announcement for strategic industrial research projects addressed to prioritary fields of smart specialization strategies" (DGR 774/2015) inside POR FESR EMILIA-ROMAGNA 2014/2020 Asse 1 Azione 1.2.2

MIST ER s.c.r.l. Coordinator
Redox s.r.l. Electronic design company and research laboratory
Consortium LIAM, research laboratory
Fondazione Democenter-Sipe
Innovation and economic development center of Emilia Romagna
IMA s.p.a.

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Project SMEDIP has the purpose to establishthe necessity of a maintenance intervention on a machine or installation with enough advance, making possible a predictive maintenance strategy to optimize production stop. The project aims to create sensors and predictive maintenance methods for automatic machines, focusing on packaging field. Considering the fact that mechanical companies in general and those producing vehicles in a particular way are the leading sector of regional economy, this project gets a considerable strategic importance.

The Pproject offers a complete solution composed by miniaturized custom vibration sensors, wireless communication systems and software algoithms for the analysis of data captured by sensors for wear recognition or machine mechanical components malfunction. SMEDIP will follow the way opened by regional project MICRONET which showed how, from close collaboration between public structures (CNR and Modena and Reggio Emilia university) and privates can rise avant-garde projects. On the project are involved three important territory companies: IMA s.p.a. leader on packaging machines field, SACMI Imola, leader on machine for packaging and ceramic plants field and Redox of Reggio Emilia, company of design and production of electronic devices.
The project has three main objectives;

  • Creation of a tre axis accelerometer integrated on a single chip
  • Creation of communication electronic and possible wirless supply
  • Definition of diagnostic algorithms
  • Development and industrialization of project's output